Things You Should Know About Your Weave And Disclaimers

Pre-plucking and Customizing.

N.B The lifespan of a normal unaltered closure is longer than that of a pre-plucked and customized closure.

What is the difference?

Customization is the process of bleaching the knots and then plucking the hairline to make it look more natural. So, when bleaching the knots, we eliminate the dark knots that you would usually find on a new unaltered closure to make it more transparent and match the color of your skin.

Plucking is when we literally pluck out hair from the lace to give it a more natural hairline as opposed to the normal closure which is fuller on the hairline.

The bleaching process: bear in mind that bleaching any type of hair reduces the quality of hair so when bleaching the knots expect some shedding which will cause the hairline of the frontal to recede much faster than an unaltered/uncustomized wig.

Balding or hair loss on the closure

Hair loss on the hairline of a closure will happen and cannot be avoided this is due to the fact that

-When a closure is made Individual strands of hair are attached to a lace by hand by making tiny knots therefore hair loss will happen naturally because in nature a closure is fragile. Unlike bundles that are wefted together by machine.

-In addition to the above, regular use of heat (flat irons, curling irons and hair drying) will contribute to a receding closure hairline (as it would happen even on your own natural hairline)

-Another big cause of a fast receding hairline on a closure is bleaching and plucking (customization) as explained above.

-Balding of a closure is usually caused by incorrect maintenance or incorrect washing of a closure. If you do not detangle your unit regularly and wash it regularly, knots will start to form on the hair which will require more tugging and more aggressive combing or brushing. This causes additional shedding and balding especially on your closure. An incorrect washing method is the biggest cause of balding on a closure as the water will cause the hair strands to flow in many directions which causes tangling from the root up, this damage is usually irreparable and most clients usually try to fix this by tugging and aggressively combing the closure which causes further damage and balding.

-The use of lace frontals glues, gels and sprays will contribute to a fast receding hairline as some hair will be lost every time you wash off the glue/gel/spray from the lace. it is imperative that firstly you practice the correct method of removing your unit depending on the type of adhesive you use. Simply snatching it off your head will not only cause damage to the closure but your own hairline as well.

-In conclusion a closure will have to be replaced during the lifespan of your wig, the number of times you replace the closure will depend on how you maintain your unit. Coloring your hair

We at THE SAN HAIR provide 100% human hair, which means that your unit can be coloured/bleached.

When you choose to have your hair/weave coloured note the following.

For us to achieve the perfect colour we need to use peroxide (aka bleach) to remove the natural colour of your hair and make room for the new pigment (colour).

Remember that bleaching any type of hair natural or a weave compromises the quality. Therefore even with the outmost care and skill that our stylist apply when colouring/bleaching your hair some brassiness and minimal breakage might occur.

Coloured hair might continue to loose colour for a couple of washes after the colouring has been done so don’t be alarmed when you see some colour coming out as you wash and condition your hair.

Even though colouring/bleaching is permanent it will need to be recoloured regularly depending on how often you wash your wig/ the amount of heat exposure (sun) and heating treatments that you do e.g. dryer, curling and flat irons.

Light coloured units like Pink, Grey/Silver or any other units from our summer range will also loose colour overtime depending on treatment. Lower heat below 180 degrees Celsius must be used on summer range units as extreme heat will affect the colour of the wig, even extreme exposure to the sun is not good for coloured hair e.g. grey/silver units tend to become more brownish.


-Colouring/Bleaching your curls will make the curl pattern looser, be aware of this before deciding to colour your curls.

-Ironing or curling a curly unit will change the pattern of your curl, this is why we do not recommend this

-Using a brush or tight comb on tight curls like deep wave, princess or kinky wave is not recommended as this will cause the curl pattern to loosen fast, excessive shedding and split ends. Using your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair is recommended.

Resizing a wig.

For the perfect fit of your unit resizing of a wig is a service we do for free for upto 14 days after purchase. Please be aware that resizing a cut unit like a bob or lady Jada is not very easy as we need to ensure that we match the position of the lines of the new wig to the old one which is not very easy to do, this might result in the wig appearing to be uneven and requiring further trimming. This will result in you losing an inch or two of your length.

This is why we do not recommend the purchasing and installation of a bob unit that doesn’t fit perfectly. Rather we custom make a unit for you with your head measurements for the perfect fit to avoid having to do a resize at a later stage.

Exchange & Return Policy

It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

If for any reason you do not absolutely love the item you ordered, we gladly offer returns and Free exchanges service. Please do not cut the lace, make sure the wig is unaltered, unworn, unwashed, undamaged and in original packaging within 14 days of purchase or receiving the hair if purchased online.

Refunds are not permitted on customized wigs e.g. if coloring, or a specific style which is not on our online list of products was requested by the client.

Wig resizing is done for free if requested within 14 days of purchase. Cost of shipping for exchanges or refunds will be paid by the client.

In the rare event that our product has a fault, we will gladly fix the product or do an exchange if reported and returned to us within 14 days.