Good maintenance of your wig is essential. This is because how you care for your wig determines how long it will last.


    • You must detangle your hair before putting any product on it using a wide tooth comb or your fingers (using a small comb on curls will cause excessive shedding and split ends ).
    • Moisture  is the most important thing to keep in mind when caring for your weaves regardless of what style they are, a bit of shedding is expected when detangling especially if your curls are tight curls like Deep wave or Kinky.
    • After completely detangling apply product of your choice – have a look at our different product ranged by clicking on links below

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    • Wash your hair every seven times of wearing it.
    • You will need the following to ensure that your hair smells good , restores moisture, luster and shine.
    • Conditioner is argan oil based which is highly recommended for your hair.
    • Moiturising Shampoo

    Shampooing your weave; always brush your hair before washing it.
    Make sure that all the strands are free flowing this will ensure that the hair can be properly washed without the hair itself getting tangled.

  • We recommend; Tangle-teezer-detangling-brush
    • After thoroughly rinsing the shampoo out, condition the hair using a mild conditioner.
    • For deeper conditioning leave the hair in the conditioner for 20 minutes.
    • Gently dry the hair by patting it with a towel no aggressive twisting or tugging of hair. Leave the hair to air dry outside and avoid the use of extreme heat to dry the hair.
    • Never sleep with damp or wet hair.

Curly hair “ kinky ,deep or wavy ”


Curly weaves generally take more effort but not impossible to manage.

    1. Don’t brush wigs with a tight curl. Instead, use your fingers to gently remove tangles. Brush only when wet, with a detangling brush or a wide-toothed comb. You can use a large-toothed comb when hair is dry, but don’t comb it more than twice a day – too much combing causes curly wigs to shed and frizz.
    2. Refer to our tutorial videos for more detailed ways of washing your hair, Click Here
    3. We recommend air drying your curly wig on a mannequin or wig stand. This will allow the set curl pattern to return.

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Never use products with mineral oils on your curly wig. A water-based spray-on moisturizer is best.