Our goal is to bring only the finest human hair available to our customers coupled with providing impeccable service levels during and after the sale has been made.

The San Hair has offered human hair exclusively since our beginning in 2013 and our team, collectively, has been in the beauty business for over 12 years. We know hair! We continued to grow offering a strong online shopping presence and superior customer experience.

We have specialized machinery that help us manufacture our products locally with the only product that is being imported being the actual raw hair. Everything else is done at our factory in Midrand, the wefting process, the texturing process, wig making and packaging all being done locally and yes we are the FIRST ones to do this in South Africa. Therefore we can vouch and even give a guarantee on our hair, we know this product in and out from the source to the finished product. How many suppliers can give you this promise?

We believe that your purchase is an investment, that investment should last and not need replacement a few weeks later. We only offer the highest quality human hair weave and wigs that are available in the market and continue to provide what our loyal customers have come to expect from us over the years. You will only receive superior personalized customer service, by a customer service representative that has a long history with the company and handles the product every day. If you are looking to have something custom made to match your color or texture, we can do this for you as well.

We select each and every product with you in mind. All our products are shipped with instructions for proper care and maintenance and come with a generous 10 day return policy.